Our Lady and St Patrick’s Staff 
Senior Leadership Team

Cathy Lowry

Executive Head Teacher/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

English and Assessment

Miss Kimberley Wathen

Assistant Head Teacher / Year 5 Teacher/Designated Safeguarding Leader/Maths subject Leader/PSHE Leader

Miss Wathen teaches in Year 5 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays each week.

Mrs Rachel O'Sullivan

Assistant Head Teacher/ SENDCo/ Designated Safeguarding Lead/ PSHE Subject Leader

On Maternity leave

Teaching Staff

Miss Chloe McGinty

Early Years Teacher / Geography Subject Leader

Mrs Amy O'Kane

Year 1 Teacher / Supporting Art/DT

Miss Jane Day

Year 2 Teacher/ SENCO / RE/ ICT/ Phonics Subject Leader

Miss India Bramley-Astle

Year 4 Teacher/ Science/ Art/DT Subject Leader

Mr Josh Mason

Year 3 Teacher / Supporting PE

Ms Tina Fusco

Year 5 Teacher (Mon/Tues)

Ms Fusco works in Year 5 on Mondays and Tuesdays. During the rest of the week, she works across the school supporting children with their learning.

Miss Nicola Mortimore

Year 6 Teacher / History & PE Subject Leader

Teaching Assistants

Ms Trina Evans

Year 6 TA /Rainbows Special Educational Needs Team Member

Mrs Sally Emmerton

Year 5 and 6 HLTA / Safeguarding team member

Mrs Jo Gibson

Year 5 TA

Mrs Zoe Newton-Browne

Year 4 TA/ Library & Friends Special Educational Needs Team Member

Mrs Belinda Seggar

Year 3 and 4 TA /Pupil Chaplaincy & Special Educational Needs Team Member - 1:1 support

Mrs Tonia West

Year 2 TA /Phonics

Mrs Jade Osborne

Year 1 HLTA/ Safeguarding team member

Jo Slater

Thrive Foundation Stage & Thrive/Rainbows Special Educational Needs Team Member

Mrs Eloise Grimshaw

Special Educational Needs Team Member - 1:1 support

Mrs Jade Tilley

Special Educational Needs Team Member - 1:1 support

Support Staff

Mrs Sarah Jackson

Office administrator

Mrs Natalie Dyson

Assistant Administrator (Mon, Tues, Thurs a.m)

Mrs Claire Hancock

Assistant Administrator (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

On maternity leave

Mrs Claire Gardner

School Business Manager

Mrs Becky Cullen

Meal Time Supervisor

Ms Nancy Macdonald

Meal Time Assistant

Mrs Dona Hiscox

Meal Time Assistant

Mr Mike Hart