Bishopsteignton Primary School provide our school meals, complying with strict nutritional standards, making them a healthy way to prepare for the children’s afternoon session in school. We regularly survey the children asking their opinions regarding the meals and discussing their favourites. They all value the time they spend with their friends enjoying a meal together.

All children in Key Stage 1 are entitled to a Universal Infant Free School Meal but please see the important message below regarding Free School Meals.

From Year Three, you may pay for your child’s school dinners online using a debit card at Once you have registered and created your account, this is a simple, quick and efficient way of handling payments.
As transaction costs apply for the school, we have set a minimum purchase of 5 meals (currently £12.50). There is no maximum purchase so you can order for the entire term if you so wish. This method of payment is more secure than paying in person or sending your child with cash and is far more convenient than paying by cheque.

In exceptional circumstances School dinner money - £11.50 per week (£2.50 per day) can be collected in the classrooms at 9 am on Monday mornings (or the first day of the school week).The exact money must be in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the child's name, class and amount. Cheques are accepted payable to Plymouth CAST T/A Our Lady and St Patrick's School.

If you think you may be eligible for free school meals please apply via the link below:
For assistance please enquire at the office. This applies whether or not your child actually has the free meals as it can affect the school budget allocation. Children who are eligible for Free School Meals attract Pupil Premium Funding.

(Please see our Pupil Premium Funding information for details of the difference this can make to the school budget and to our pupils):
Packed lunches may also be brought to school.
INFORMATION ABOUT PACKED LUNCHES Devon Education Health and Safety have asked us to pass on the following advice

Purchasing Ingredients for Packed Lunches Some foods are more susceptible than others to bacterial contamination eg. foods high in protein, cooked meats, eggs, etc. are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria particularly when combined with moisture and warmth.
  • Check the ingredients do not exceed its use or best before dates
  • Bear in mind that we do not have a refrigerator for the storage of sandwiches and therefore ingredients should be chosen with care.
Storage of Packed Lunches
  • Containers should be clearly marked with your child's name and be strong and sufficient in size to contain all the lunch
  • Never put fresh food into unwashed containers
  • Do not re-use food wrappings such as polythene bags, foil or cling film
  • Once the packed lunch is completed, store in a refrigerator prior to being taken to school
  • Consider using a cool bag
Peak periods for food poisoning occur during the warm summer months, so extra care is needed in both preparation and storage. At temperatures around 30c (86F) bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes. Over a 12 hour period this could result in a serious health hazard. Once at school children will need to place their lunch boxes in the containers designated to their own class. Children will be able to collect them at the end of the day from the class designated points.