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Chromebook leasing

Please find information below about leasing Chromebooks to be used at both home and school for KS2 children (Yr 3 - 6). Parents will be able to sign up to pay a direct debit each month to purchase a chromebook for their child. They can personalise them and all will have a neoprene case. They will have accidental damage insurance and the school would hold some spares so that we can swap in / swap out if the child's chromebook needs to go to be repaired.

Parents will sign up on a portal and can choose to buy outright or pay over a period of time - depending on how long their child has left in school. It could be as low as £12 per month but would rise if the child had only 1 year left with us.  The child would take their chromebook with them when they leave our school.
For information please contact our school office: