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Aims and Ethos

The School's Aims

We encourage the development of each child to become the whole person Christ intends them to be.

We aim:

  • To provide opportunities for children to grow with God on a personal journey of faith.
  • To recognise each person's uniqueness and value, respecting their dignity and celebrating their talents, gifts and qualities.
  • To encourage care, respect and responsibility for self, others and the wider world.
  • To nurture and develop good relationships with each other, our families, parishes and the local community.
  • To enable all to achieve the skills for living, loving and learning through a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To create a stimulating, safe environment.

At Our Lady and St Patrick's, we recognise the importance of parents as the first educators of their children. It is through close liaison of parents and teachers, the support, understanding and partnership, and the recognition of shared responsibilities that we are able to develop the full potential of our children.

Our Ethos
see Vision Mission and Aims

Our Mission Statement:"Living, Loving and Learning Together in God's Way."

We want our children to leave Our Lady and St Patrick's:
  • spiritually awakened and well behaved
  • physically developed and healthy
  • academically well grounded and inquisitive
  • emotionally balanced and confident
Ofsted, Feb 2017

“Pupils’ behaviour is good. Their attitudes to learning and school are positive. Pupils are confident and self-assured.”

"The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good. Pupils develop a secure knowledge and understanding from their different starting points. They make good progress overall in English and mathematics."

What People Say

“As an ex pupil who loved attending OLSP, from a nostalgic point of view I was always tempted to send my children to the school too. Ultimately, though, my decision to enrol my children at OLSP was more informed than simple nostalgia.

‘Handing your child over’ to start school is a stressful time for all parents and guardians but to see first-hand the quality of care, attention and interaction afforded to all children at the school was so reassuring. Moreover, to receive regular communication and feedback on our child’s progress from the first day was as important to me as a parent.

The school has a sense of community to it and adopts a personal approach, rather than a corporate one. There is a family feel to the school and a relationship between each member of staff with almost every child because the school is small enough in number to allow it, yet big enough so as not to be insular. Equally, there is a relationship between the parents and staff which extends beyond just the class teacher of your child.

Currently, I sit as a Governor at the school and whilst there is, and always will be room for improvement of course, I know how well run the school is behind the scenes and how hard the staff and the many volunteers are working every day to implement with the children the values of trust, honesty, compassion, responsibility and love upon which the school foundations are built.
—  JDyson, Parent/Governor