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The School Day


Parents are welcome to accompany their children in to Foundation Stage or KS1 classrooms and stay awhile if they wish to read with them. The classrooms will be open from 8.30am and teaching assistants will be available for brief messages or to make appointments for matters which need a longer discussion. Teachers will be in class by 8.45am.

KS2 children should enter via the metal green gate at the top of the drive where a member of staff is on duty to receive messages.

Children arrive from 8.30am, when the gate to the children's path will be unlocked. When children come to school they will go straight to their classrooms.

If your particular circumstances necessitate bringing your child to school at an earlier time please contact the Headteacher to request if special arrangements are possible. School begins at 8.30am and registration closes at 8.45am. To ensure security the gate will be locked again then. Any child arriving after this should please go through the front door to the office to be signed in.

SESSION TIMES  (The school week amounts to 32.5 hours)

Foundation Stage:
Nursery 8.45am - 11.45 (without Lunch) or 12.45 (with lunch)
Pick up and drop off at lunch time via main reception
Afternoon session - 11.45 - 3.15 (with lunch) or 12.45 - 3.15 (without lunch)

Reception 8.45am -11.45, 1pm -3.15pm

Key Stage 1:
Classes 1, 2: 8.45am -12noon, 12.55 -3.15pm

Key Stage 2:
Class 3, 4, 5, 6: 8.45am -12.05pm 12.55 -3.15pm


Monday: All children (except Foundation Stage Children in first term) 10.20 - 10.40
Tuesday: Prayer and Praise
Wednesday: KS2 in hall
Thursday: KS1/FSU in hall
Friday: Whole School celebration assembly


At 3.15 pm Classes 1 and 2 may be collected straight from class by an adult. This ensures that before children are released we have checked that an appropriate adult is there to meet them. Children who are in Classes F1 and F2 are also collected by their parents from their classroom. If you are unable to collect your child at 3.15 pm please make alternative arrangements for their collection and ensure that you inform the school office or class teacher as soon as possible. There are situations involving staff training where all staff may have to leave the premises immediately as school finishes. It is, therefore, very important that children are collected promptly at 3.15 pm whenever possible.