Education in Personal Relationships (EPR)

Our programme of EPR offers a Christian vision of personal relationships, the right use of human freedom, personal safety, sexuality and individuality. The belief in the dignity of human life forms the foundation of our teaching. We offer hope to children who live in difficult and painful situations and encourage them to recognise the sign of God in their lives. Our EPR programme is taken from a variety of sources, mainly 'Telling Tales', "Health for Life" and "Journey in Love". The same topics are covered by each year group at a level appropriate to their emotional needs and readiness.
Children are encouraged to think about appropriate ways of expressing their emotions, how others might be feeling and how to treat others fairly and with respect.

Our EPR programme also integrates Social and Emotional aspects of learning.

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)

Our SEAL programme is based on Government guidelines and the need for children to become more emotionally literate being able to express their emotions in a safe way. SEAL focuses on the five key areas of self-awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills through six different topics namely "New Beginnings", "Getting on and falling out", "Going for Goals", "Good to be me", "Relationships" and "Changes". SEAL is cyclical, so all children will be working through the same topic at the same time each year, although at a level appropriate to their emotional needs and readiness.

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