Religious Education

Religious Education is taught as a specific subject throughout the school and we allocate 10% of our teaching time to it. Through R.E. we aim to provide the children with appropriate learning experiences that allow them to experience the awe and beauty of God's work through their everyday living. We use 'God Matters' – a curriculum specifically developed for teaching R.E. in Catholic primary schools.
The Christian ethos of our school influences everything that goes on in the school. Parents can withdraw their children from all or part of the Religious Education provided. However, currently no pupils are withdrawn from R.E. Since Religious Education is such an important part of life at our school, if you should wish to withdraw your child from R.E. then it is unlikely that our school would be right for you.


Prayer is an integral part of our daily life in school. Our day is punctuated by prayer: Morning, before lunch, after lunch and at the end of the day. An Act of Collective Worship takes place every day, in a variety of forms: Whole school, Key Stage and Class based.
Mass, or special liturgies are celebrated on feast days, special occasions and at the beginning and end of the school year. We also take our KS2 children to Mass at Shaldon on Thursdays (a different class goes each week). Parents and Parishioners are most welcome to join us for these. Nursery children attend Acts of Worship, assemblies and Masses during the year as appropriate. We have close links and a special relationship with the Catholic Communities of All Saints' Parish Teignmouth. The Parish Priest, Father Mark Skelton, as Chaplain, is a very regular visitor in our school.

We celebrate a whole variety of lovely liturgies throughout the school and Church year. They vary from vibrant and lively to quiet and reflective, but we always welcome parents, parishioners and friends to these. We are also always happy for visitors from other local faith communities to contribute to or join in with these too.
Children are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion during the year by parish catechists and the school supports this in any way they can where natural links occur. These sessions are for children in Year 3 or above.


We very much hope you will be choosing our school because of its unique ethos, aims and mission described here and therefore will be happy to support yours and all our children in all these celebrations.

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