Safety & Security

Dangerous situations are likely to occur near the entrance of the school for a variety of reasons.

We ask everyone who uses a car to collect or pick up children to remember that we have children from the ages of 3 to 11 years old and we, as car drivers, must remember that children do not always remember safety aspects, however often told. It is the responsibility of all of us, whether waiting in our car or standing at the bottom of the drive, to ensure that everyone (adults and children) think of the safety and well being of others at all times.

Any area near roads or where there is traffic is not a 'play area' for children. We should all endeavour to make sure everyone considers, notes and carries out the following:

  • The Driveway may only be used for staff cars. Parents of Nursery and school children should not use the driveway as a turning point, or for dropping off or picking up children.

  • Pedestrians use only the fenced pavement area. Do not walk (or allow your child to) up or down the driveway.

  • Children waiting for taxis should wait INSIDE THE RAILINGS.

  • Please do not park or stop in the area allocated for the school bus/taxi.


We anticipate everyone's co-operation and assistance in making the area of road outside the school and the driveway as safe as possible for all users, but particularly for our CHILDREN. If your child is being collected by someone other than the person who regularly does so, please ensure children and (for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes) staff know.

2016 OLSP