How we teach our children to stay safe:


Our Lady and St Patrick's School is committed to safeguarding and promoting welfare of children and young people and requires all staff and volunteers to share and demonstrate this commitment in every aspect of their work.




Please let the Head Teacher know of any medical or home circumstances affecting your child which may require special consideration. Our policy is that teachers are not permitted to administer medicines which have not been prescribed by a doctor. Medicine forms for prescribed medicines are available from the office.
Children with asthma may keep an inhaler in class.



If you have concerns or worries about your child in school, the staff would like to know about them. They will take your concerns seriously, investigate and give you a response. Worries or misunderstandings are usually quickly resolved. Your child's class teacher is normally the best person to speak to. They are generally available at the end of each day.

The Head Teacher is also available should you wish to speak with her. We hope that good communication between home and school will mean the need to make a complaint will not arise. However, if you believe something is seriously wrong, your view will be considered. There are set procedures to ensure complaints are handled fairly. The Governing Body's Complaints Policy is available in the school office. The first person to contact in most cases is the class teacher.


What is Rainbows?

Rainbows fosters emotional healing among children, young people and adults who are grieving a loss through a death, divorce, separation or any other painful transition in their lives. 


Rainbows provides age related materials which form a structured 12-14 week programme to assist children and young people through their grief and loss. 

Rainbows acknowledges that grief needs to be recognised and supported; not denied, buried or ignored. Rainbows supports self-esteem, trust, confidence and resilience. It promotes emotional development and positive, healthy relationships.



Our Rainbows groups are 12-14 week, age appropriate and structured programmes to support children and young people through loss and grief; facilitated by Miss K Evans and Mrs Jo Slater who are trained members of staff.


It explores the following: –


o One of a kind – self esteem

o Inside out – feelings

o Why my family?

o Making the pieces fit – coping skills

o Anger and hurt – coping skills

o Facing fears and worries – coping skills

o Families are all different

o Belonging to my family

o Different kinds of family

o Endings and beginnings – change

o Weathering the storm – adapting, adjusting

o Living with change

o Celebrate me session – a celebration and conclusion of the programme- going forward

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