"Surely you know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you." (Corinthians 3 v 16)



To assist the school in meeting its stated aims as described in its Mission Statement, it is essential that this policy is firmly rooted in those principles and God's Commandment -

"To love one another."

Good behaviour and discipline are key foundations of good education. Without an orderly atmosphere effective teaching and learning cannot take place. We expect and insist on the highest standards of behaviour throughout our school. Self discipline and a love and care for other people are expected from all our children - this is important if we are to make our school a true Christian Community.


1. To promote the spiritual, cultural, social, mental and physical development of young people and have a vision upon which we build our whole ethos.
2. To promote and value : respect for other children; respect for adults; respect for property; respect for the environment; honesty; trust; fairness;
tolerance and compassion; self respect; self discipline
3. To understand that alongside rights come responsibilities
4. To state clearly what is right and what is wrong.
5. To explain what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and be able to accept the outcomes of their behaviour
6. To promote the development of the 'whole' child with the support of parents and the wider community.

Rewards, Punishments and Sanctions

Rewards Good behaviour as indicated in the 'Code of Conduct' is expected from all and is encouraged in a number of ways throughout the school. Pupils sense of responsibility to the school community, pride in his or her contribution to the school and especially their own self esteem can be enhanced by :

  • regular positive recognition of children's everyday acts of consideration

  • encouraging children to take on duties and responsibilities

  • encouraging children to be as fully involved in school activities as possible

  • highlighting achievements publicly - in assemblies, drawing attention to parents and other children

  • written comments

  • whole class rewards

  • stickers

  • commendation slips

  • merit certificates (given after 5 commendation slips)

  • bookmark prize when 10 certificates have been awarded

  • letters home

  • quiet praise from a teacher to a child who has demonstrated improvement from previously unacceptable behaviour

  • use of the school 'house point' system

  • Attitude, conduct and effort will all be rewarded appropriately. The Headteacher keeps a 'Merit File' of the names of those children who have received certificates

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