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Our Lady and St Patrick's is an Academy School within Plymouth CAST; a Multi Academy Trust of 36 Catholic Schools in the South West. The Trust is the admissions authority and has responsibility for admission policy and decisions about admissions applications.

We welcome applications from parents of children of all denominations and faiths and those of no particular faith background. However our Planned Admission Numbers in Key Stage 1 classes is limited to 30 in each class, due to Infant Class Size Legislation.

For information on how to apply for a place at our school, please select the Policy for the relevant year below:
As an Academy, our school Governors are delegated responsibility for managing the school admissions, however this is done in co-operation with the Local Authority. We are part of the Local Authority's 'Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme'. Further information may be obtained from

Our school Governing Body decides who will be offered places at the school, and on what basis. In exercising this discretion the governors pay regard to the importance of preserving the Catholic ethos of the school. As well as the 'Common Application Form' parents are asked to complete a 'Supplementary Information Form'.
This enables governors to apply the over subscription criteria fairly. In the event of a tie in any category the distance applicants live from the school will be taken into consideration.

Please be aware that Nursery and School applications are two separate processes. A child who is allocated a place in the Nursery does not automatically gain a place in the school. Please see separate Nursery section on this website for details on applying for a place at our Nursery.

Visits to the school are most welcome. Simply telephone the School Office and arrange a mutually convenient time.